A Farmer's Pledge


  • To be present...for your questions, to consider other suggestions and ideas.  We have an open gate to our customers.


  • Your food is grown with all natural fertilizers, no spraying for bugs or weeds, and a good product for your consumption.  I work on building soil biology every day to act as a defense against bugs and disease and thus a better product for you.


  • You will receive your product as close to harvest as possible. 


  • All of our animals are on grass and we seek non GMO feeds.  


  • Our farm makes a promise to shop local first.  The $ that you spend with us are directed our local economy helping to make our local and rural economy stronger. 


  • You are making an investment in our farm and other small farms in our area.  We work with other local farmers to build egg shares.  Each is a friend of our farm, I have visited their land and understand their practice to be the same as my own.  This insures that other farmers have a market for their hard work and grows our local food economy. 


  • You are part of the experience, and are welcome to visit us or work with us.


  • You benefit from other's recipes and ideas, from contact with this community.


  • You take a risk along with the farmer.  Our harvest is a direct result of what happens in our field.  You are in contact with the land and your food in a real way.  
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