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New Shares and Summer Camp

Posted 3/9/2014 9:09pm by Stacey Roussel.

I hope all of you are well.  I wanted to touch base with each of you to tell you about things happening here on the farm.  It’s turning out to be a very busy spring.  


My new hire has turned out to be a good worker.  He has settled into the rhythm of our farm; we have made good progress but he told me last week that he has decided to move back to Hawaii.  It’s really hard to compete with fresh coconuts and perfect weather.  This means that I will be looking for someone to work with us.  I am not sure what that looks like just yet.  I will keep you posted about our fall shares.  


EGG Shares...

Our chickens have really ramped up production.  I have also met a new farmer in Needville who has really nice eggs.  I have been to his farm.  The chickens are well cared for and on pasture. I would like to open up shares just for eggs; I am confident that our combined flocks can fill many shares.  


I can make deliveries every other week.  I am hoping that picking up 2 dozen eggs will be worth your trip to the pickup sites.  I propose the shares start March 20th and will run through the end of May.  


PORK Shares...

We have pork shares still available for this spring.  I am hoping that the pigs will be ready for the butcher by the end of May.  If you would like to reserve a half or whole pig, please let me know and spread the word.  I will be writing a blog about the pasture remediation done by our hogs this week in case you are curious.  My husband, Jay picked up a new round of pigs for the fall today.  They will go to work on our pasture as soon as we can train them with our fencing.  


SUMMER Camp...

All We Need will have a summer farm camp this year for children 8-13.  I wanted to make an announcement to you before spreading the work outside of our memberships.  We will limit camp sizes to 12 children.  Member families get a discount on registration. 


More information about the shares and camp is on the website.  If you have any questions, I would love to talk to you.  



713-305-2005-my cell


Your farmer, 




If you were a member of the winter and fall shares, you may receive this email twice.  I am sorry for doubling up. 

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