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Shares will happen next week!

Posted 1/9/2014 3:19pm by Stacey Roussel.

A walk through our fields show that there is very little damage.  CSA will commence next week as planned!!!!!   

This is huge.  I feel like I have just passed a huge final exam.  We grow vegetables, but what I really do every day is work on soil.  Soil is the beginning and the end of all life.  If you stop and think about that for a minute, it can blow your mind.  We are so connected to soil in ways that the average person will never think about.  

I really am certain that a temperatures well below freezing should have resulted in a huge loss.  We had two days of cold below the point where our plants should die and 25 mile per hour winds on Sunday and Monday to dry any water out of their leaves.  Our hoses frozen all the morning limited our abilities to water Monday and Tuesday.  I was expecting to write a very sad letter today, but instead our soil pulled us through. 

The biology working under our field rows generated enough heat to save our crops; this is a story that a conventional farmer could not tell.  Our compost pile is smoking today at 150 degrees.   

We still have shares available, so if you have friends who are interested, pass the word.  

Eggs are another story.  The chickens are still producing below where we were in October.  I am behind on egg shares for the fall season, and I won’t be able to fill winter egg shares until we catch up.  I am sorry.  Our chickens are steady, but slow.  I will make sure everyone gets their eggs eventually. 

Your happy farmer, 


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