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Update 10

Posted 10/1/2013 11:41am by Stacey Roussel.

Heads UP~We will start CSA NEXT WEEK, October 8th and 9thLooking at our fields, I think we have enough produce and starting early will give us flexibility through the end of the season in case there is a lull in our fields.  My plan is to call everyone before Monday to make sure they have received this message, that’s over 50 calls.  If you get this message and don’t need to hear from me, please reply by email and give your farmer more time in the field.  


I am sorry that I did not get this message out yesterday, but I made a decision looking at the forecast to do as much field work as possible.  We are getting nice rain today, and that was a good decision.  Clay and I planted cabbage and transplanted plum trees in anticipation of the rain.  Today, I emptied the greenhouse so that all of our transplants can see the sky and get some rain.  


The rain I wrote about last week helped germinate lots of seed for us, but the large amounts of water that fell did not help our melons.  The watermelon and cantaloupe we sampled on Friday were not sweet at all.  Too much water close to harvest will do this, and so our pigs are eating well, I could not include them in the share.  


Last week, we cleared raised beds and planted carrots.  I saw little carrots growing in one of those beds today, so I am hopeful about the others because the plantings were a couple of days apart.  We also cleared field rows and planted turnips.  Turnips were not something I ate as a child, but they are one of my new favorite vegetables.  I hope you can appreciate their savory sweetness, and I hope they grow well for us.  


We spent some time weeding arugula last week.  This week, weeding mustard greens are on our to do list.  The rain is stopping that progress today, but these rainy days we focus on our raised beds.  The weeding work can continue.  As soon as our beds are cleared, we will plant the first round of lettuce.  I am so ready for beautiful salads.  


All of our pigs, chickens and goats got new pasture last week.  The chickens did an excellent job cleaning summer growth to make room for fall and winter veggies.  


The hydraulics on my tractor are working really slowly.  My neighbor, Mr. Gray is going to help me to understand why.  We are waiting on Rosenberg Tractor to get a new filter in, so this weekend, I hope to learn about how to fix my problem.  


Thank you and if you have any problems or questions about next week, please let me know.  

Your farmer-Stacey  713-305-2005

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