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Update 6

Posted 9/3/2013 6:57am by Stacey Roussel.


I hope you had a great holiday weekend.  Good news from the farm, we filled our SHARES!!!  Thanks to the help of Jill Thaxton, a long time member of our CSA, we now have a drop in Greatwood.  For all of our new members, the first 5 updates can be found here http://www.allweneedfarms.com/blog


We have been growing for market for about 6 years now.  There have been many, many experiments trying to learn from this land and give as much back as we take.  One of the best decisions that I made was using the lunar calendar for planting.  There are many different opinions about the usefulness of this approach, but one of the clear benefits is organization.  Having our plantings broken out by week, stops me from pushing to plant everything at once.  The season has a rhythm, a clearly defined beat that we dance to in the field.  


This last week last Wednesday to this Wednesday is our rest week.  That does not mean Clay has his feet up in a hammock, it just means we concentrate on other things besides planting. 


So I mowed - and broke my husband’s lawn tractor again.  : (   We weeded and weeded and watered and watered.  All of our chickens, goats and the pigs were moved last week.  We mulched raised beds.  Lots and lots of tractor work was done to prepare for this coming week which will be a heavy week of planting - lot of greens.   


The cabbages that were bumped are doing great.  We lost one tray because they got too dry.  We learned that our on farm compost is better at starting seeds than the bagged potting soil I purchased because in the heat of our days the compost holds moisture longer.  The lemon squash and cushaw are at the farm and survived the weekend out of the greenhouse.  


Clay prepped trays yesterday for more cold crops like broccoli.  We will begin planting those seeds tomorrow.  They will be moved from the fridge to our greenhouse on Thursday.  


We had a new volunteer, Bonnie, join us.  She worked on an organic farm in California and came back to Texas to be with family.  Bonnie spent two days with us weeding, and I hope we see her again this week. 


Feed update-I went to Damon to buy the new Non-GMO feed only to find out that it contains peanuts!  We will continue with mixing our current blend of grains until we can find another solution.  I can’t feed peanuts because there are so many people with severe allergies.  The feed store gave me the name of the representative who formulates the feed so that maybe we can get a different mix.  More information to come.  


Mary Ann Parker asked about fodder feeding that is growing hydroponic feed for the birds.  The same day, I got an add from FarmTek advertising a system. Vermiculture and growing our own feed are options.  Each takes time and energy.  I have to investigate, and decide if those things fit our model and how they affect the quality of our eggs.  If anyone has more information or would like to start a worm project on farm, I am open to the help.  


Thank you for your support.  I hope you have a great short week.  


Your farmer-Stacey

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