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Update 7

Posted 9/9/2013 3:34pm by Stacey Roussel.


Just a clarification, I want to explain a little of how it all works...our season starts mid October because it’s really hard to get anything but Okra to grow to harvest in Texas August heat.  We are busy planting every week in order to be prepared for your shares, and so in order for you to stay connected with our work, I send weekly updates.  As harvest gets closer and we have a good idea of where our fields stand, I will be very open about those dates.  I will try to call everyone the week shares begin.  We do our best to make sure that everyone gets their produce.  


Once we start harvest, you will receive 2 emails a week from me.  One on Sunday with an expected harvest, and one later in the week with any changes we made as well as recipe suggestions.  Strange things happen-we had a whole refrigerator of arugula freeze last season due to a fridge malfunction.  Sometimes we make mistakes packing shares, and so you should contact me if your bag is missing something-I will make it good.  If anything happens and we have to call off harvest for a week, I will communicate to you on Sunday evening.  The Sunday email is important.  You will receive 9 weeks of produce!


If for any reason you are out of town during our season, if you let me know the Sunday before we begin harvest for that week, I will credit your share.  You can also choose to donate, we give to St. Vincent De Paul here in Needville.  



Broccoli, mustard, arugula sowed last week has all germinated.  That is very good news.  We were able to plant Lemon and Cushaw squash with great success as well.  The plants made through transplant shock.  Clay has instructions to water them today.  Cabbages in the greenhouse look great; although, they are growing at a snails pace.  


Our Nubian Buck Beau Denver and his whether friend, Dusty, worked at the farm last week to graze SunHemp that we planted as a cover crop.  The goats moved through that very quickly; we will be planting there in short order.  


This weekend was very productive.  Jay, my husband, started training to become a Master Naturalist, and then we drove to Katy to pickup a gently used fridge for the barn.  This extends our harvest capacity and means that, hopefully, we can avoid the arugula freezing like last season.  


On Sunday, we built a shelter that will be the housing for Beau Denver and his whether friend, Dusty. Our pasture prairie restoration is going well.  The pigs are doing great work, so we plan for the next step to get our goats grazing the new grasses that are emerging. 


Today, my little Jessie had an upset stomach, so I am working at home today.  Clay is clearing raised beds, planting red russian kale and more broccoli for transplant.  I am moving fencing for goats, getting organized and writing to you!  I took our last two chickens out of the freezer to make chicken soup for my little one.  I guess it’s time to order more meat birds.  


We have a whole round of new seed to be planted this week.  There is trellis to build for long beans, peppers to transplant, tractor rows to be made.  The greenhouse will get a new round of seedlings.  


Thank you for your support.  Please if you have any questions, I am a phone call or an email away.  


Your farmer-Stacey

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