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We are LOCAL - hear us ROAR....

Posted 11/7/2013 6:29am by Stacey Roussel.
Another letter written to the FDA in response to their proposed regulation- from a long time member.  Thank You, Mary Ann...

I am a 73 year old retired registered nurse, married for 50 years, mother of 3 and grandmother of soon to be 5 grandchildren. I worked as a health professional in a variety of positions, including maternal and child health which involved being a childbirth educator, postpartum mother/baby care instructor, breastfeeding consultant and pediatric office nurse. I have long been passionate about nutrition and my responsibility as a parent and now grandparent for preparing and serving food that is both healthy and delicious. I am a gardener and have a small kitchen garden but must supplement from other sources to provide the freshest, safest foods for my family, so through the years I have purchased dairy products, meats, and vegetables from farmers markets, vegetable and cheese co-ops, and more recently from CSA shares in a nearby small farm. I trust my farmer and know that she researches, plans, plants and harvests to provide toxin free and safe food. My extended family benefits from these results as I bring this into my kitchen.
In addition, I am a writer, and post weekly to a food blog called Kitchen Keepers which has a much wider readership than I ever envisioned. In posting recipes and family stories about food and my cooking adventures with my grandchildren, I pass along my conviction for growing and purchasing locally as well as the joy of gathering generations to enjoy being around the table.
I urge you to consider the threat to farmers and to families like mine that this farm bill presents. The proposed administrative demands and constrictions will sharply diminish offerings from if not eliminate small local farms. Please hear my request to honor the needs of families for variety and availability of fresh, nutrient-dense foods coming from sources which we know and trust. I don't want my grandchildren to lose the intimate connection and awareness of planting, growing, harvesting and preparing the foods they eat. I want them to be able to bless both food and farmer when we are thankful for our food at mealtime.
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