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Week 4

Posted 10/28/2013 11:51am by Stacey Roussel.

Pasture Remediation-It’s been a long haul remediating pasture with pigs instead of a herbicide.  I could see good things happening on our land, but how was the meat inside the pig?  Our pigs went to market, and I am happy to say that the chops and bacon we ate this week were excellent!  On Friday, Jay and I delivered a half pig to two of our member families.  

The good news is we have three more pigs available, and I hope that they will be ready for Thanksgiving.  If you need a ham for the holidays, you might consider stocking your freezer.  We can only sell half or whole pigs (thanks to the state of Texas), but that doesn’t mean you can share with a neighbor or two or three.  Our pigs were raised on pasture supplemented with non GMO barley and goat milk, all cure done without nitrates.  Please spread the word and call with questions.


Open Farm Day-This Sunday, November 3rd.- 3-5pm...We will give tours of our fields, and try to explain the work we do.  Weather Permitting...If you plan to come, let me know.  I will send directions and instructions before Friday.  

Field Work-
So grateful for the rain this weekend.  We planted radish, arugula leek and parsnips on Friday.  I watered Friday and Saturday, and the rain on Sunday should help us along.  Boc Choy to go in later today or tomorrow.  We expect more rain by Wednesday!  

Shares this week are looking great~

Half Shares- 1/2 lb sunchoke, 1/2 lb of mustard, long beans (quantity is a ? - harvest from week to week changes), Eggplant 1lb

Full Shares-1 lb Sunchoke, 1 lb mustard, 1 lb of greenbeans, Parsley, Lemon Squash- (Quanity is a ?)  

Thank you all very much! Have a great week.


Your farmer-Stacey ~713-305-2005...

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