Pork~Pastured and Heritage

Pasture Remediation Pigs

Large Blacks and Old Gloucester Spots.

We began raising hogs in 2013 as a way to remediate pasture that was overgrown in non native, invasive grasses, and a year later, we are very happy with the progress they are making.  


Our pigs are never confined and are 100% raised on pasture. They are being moved to fresh grass weekly in order to keep them healthy and happy and to keep our pasture project moving forward. Our hogs receive no antibiotics and no other medicines. They are fed a non-GMO diet and supplemented with fresh goat milk.


Shares cost $500 for half or $900 for a whole and butcher fees are extra. Total costs average roughly $7/pound of pork, but final costs vary lower and higher depending on options you choose at the butcher.


Our butcher is LADS in Needville. We have good working relationship with Robert Case and his family. Our animals travel a very short distance to his shop and never stand on concrete. Robert is willing to cure naturally without nitrates for our customers. If you have never purchased a whole animal, have no fear, I will help you through the whole process. 


Please contact us to order or if you have any questions. 

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