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Invest in a future you want to see.

As you know, our farm is transitioning toward a state inspected dairy, so that we can provide dairy goat ice cream to the Houston region. Our new enterprise allows us to continue our mission of building healthy prairies and communities while providing a product that allows our farm a sustainable path forward.

Many of you have said that you want to be part of this journey, and here’s your chance! The simple act of buying an All We Need T-Shirt (which features our new logo) will help fund some of the startup expenses and spread the word about our farm. Think about how cool it is to see a high quality confection product at a Farmer’s Market or grocery store that has the farmer’s fingerprints on it all the way from birth of the animal to the cup of ice cream in your hands.

Your $25 not only gets you a cool tshirt, but connects you to an incredible story (one that I can’t even believe is finally happening). Your t-shirt also includes a “Certificate of YUM” which you can keep or exchange for some ice cream from me this summer. Be part of something small that hopes to make a positive impact on a big community.

Please specify your size or sizes in the notes at Checkout.  We are working with a T-Shirt shop in Needville, so I can order whatever you like.  Kid and adult shirts. 


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