Why we do what we do...

A little bit of history

In 1996, I was a CPA, but my passion, what I enjoyed in my spare time, was food and cooking.  My love of farming grew first out of my own desire to have the very best in my own kitchen and for my family.  After taking a pesticide applicators class, I began working in local community gardens to understand how food was grown before chemical application. In 2000, I quit my office job, and decided to find a work that would fulfill my heart, and I was overwhelmed with the depth and quality of what Houston could produce twelve months out of the year. 


In 2004, my husband and I bought a few acres in Needville and our family started to grow our own food.  I found a hungry market eager to find delicious, hard to find, produce. I began to sell to our produce to restaurants in Houston and at farmer's markets.  We bought chickens for eggs and started a vegetable and egg CSA.  In the fall of 2013, I started a pasture remediation project using heritage pigs to eradicate nutsedge without using sprays.  


Our CSA was strong until February of 2014, when I took a break from vegetable production to consider opening a dairy. We bought a few dairy goats for our children in 2008, and our herd had grown considerably.  So after a full year of considering, milking and planning, I am hoping that we will open a Grade A diary in April of 2015!


In addition, I am happy with the progress our pigs are making in our pastures and with the quality of pork that we supply our customers, and so the project continues.  We expect piglets to be born on our farm this year.  

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