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All We Need Farm is a small farm located in Needville, Tx. 

Our goal is to grow in rhythm with my land using biological and ecological controls to handle pests, disease, and weeds to return to my land more than I am taking away.  The process is slow and uses small scale intensive systems.  I start with the smallest system that will do the job and then build on that success. 

We sell our produce, eggs, and pork shares directly to the public offering weekly pick-ups in Needville, Sugar Land, and Houston.


In 1996, I was a CPA, but my passion was always around food and cooking.  My love of farming grew out of my own desire to have the very best in my own kitchen.  In 2000, I quit my office job and started to focus my time in local community gardens. I quickly realized that the food coming out of those gardens had better quality and taste than what could be purchased at the store.  In 2004, my husband and I bought a few acres in Needville and started to grow our own food.  We found a hungry market eager to find delicious, hard to find, produce. We began to sell to our local community in the form of a CSA. I have a passion about my work.  I love what we grow.  We started raising heritage pigs in the fall of 2013 in order to remediate a pasture without sprays.  We are now offering pork shares in addition to veggies and eggs.  

I have two daughters and a husband who works in town, and everyone helps on the farm.  A visit any day of the week will find me along with a growing number of great volunteers.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct partnership between you and the farm. CSA members pay in advance for a share of the upcoming harvest, and the farmer is guaranteed a consistent market.

Why is CSA better for families and farmers?

I will quote another farmer to answer this question, "The CSA is a relationship building experience."  There is no other model where I can know my customer better.  The families in our membership have a direct affect on what is grown in my field and on the practices that I use.  I maintain contact on a weekly basis.  My hope to find community growing around this experience.

But what does this have to do with you?

  • Your food is grown without any "cides".  That means all natural fertilizers, no spraying for bugs, and a good product for consumption.  I work on building soil biology every day to act as a defense against bugs and disease and thus a better product for you.
  • You will receive your vegetables on the same day that they were pulled from the field and that means a fresher and more nutritious product. 
  • Our pigs are raised on non GMO barley soaked in fresh goat milk.  They receive no antibiotics and no other medicines because that is what our customers demand. 
  • Our farm makes a promise to shop local first.  The $ that you spend with us are directed our local economy helping to make our local and rural economy stronger. 
  • You are making an investment in our farm and other small farms in our area.  We work with other local farmers to build our vegetable and egg shares.  Each is a friend of our farm, I have visited their land and understand their practice to be the same as my own.  This insures that other farmers have a market for their hard work and grows our local food economy. 
  • You are part of the experience, and are welcome to visit us or work with us at your convenience. I do my best to be mindful of our members and meet their needs.
  • You benefit from other's recipes and ideas, from contact with this community.
  • You take a risk along with the farmer.  Every week your vegetable harvest, your share, is a direct result of what happens in our field.  You are in contact with the land and your food in a real way.  Pork shares have a taste and quality unique to our land and practice.
  • For a better understanding of what goes in a share from season to season, look under the Community section of our web site or contact me.
  • For more information about cuts and butchering, please contact me directly.  

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